jerusha stewart — the single girl’s manifesta

Stewart’s amazingly fun advice book offers advice for those of us fabulously committed to remaining single until it’s no longer amusing. She covers topics ranging from the fine art of the one-night-stand to budgeting to maintaining friendships across distance and time. What’s even more fun is that she’s offering all this while talking about experiencing […]

Nina Hachigian and Mona Sutphen — The Next American Century: How the US Can Thrive As Other Countries Rise

The standard going around now is that America needs to be deeply afraid. China and other countries are on the rise, the terrorists are waiting to get us, and the world is, basically, about the end. This is a scary, scary poison, whose effects can be felt throughout the political world. The Next American Century: […]

The Surrendered Wife

The Surrendered Wife, by Laura Doyle, has been out for a few years now, but has started making the blogs again recently – this isn’t a proper review, as I haven’t read it – but “know them by their works” as the proverb goes, and this book’s works are ugly. For example: this review praises […]

The language of lust

George Lakoff is a prominant linguistics professor at Berkeley who is reasonably well known outside the field for his accessible analyses of political discourse. In his more academic work, he details the ways that cognitive structures are set up based on series of linguistic and metaphorical “schema”. The title of one of his early books, […]