LJ Smith — Nightworld, vol 3

In anticipation of Strange Fate FINALLY coming out, I’ve been re-reading the Nightworld series by LJ Smith. Initially I was disappointed. I remembered the series as populated by strong, vaguely feminist female narrators. While this remains true, I didn’t remember the way sexuality is policed (the dangerous female characters are all slinkily sexy, and the […]

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BROWN PEOPLE?: Why Twilight Fails on Race

Blue Corn Comics provides an awesome link round-up of the incredibly crazy race issues in Twilight. NewsRock, one of Blue Corn’s bloggers, has been researching the legends mentioned in Twilight and coming to some conclusions that make THIS brown girl quite perturbed. Quotes from the post: So a travel book about the Pacific Northwest Indians […]

An Alternative and Troubling read of TWILIGHT

The ever lovely Discipula offers an alernative read of Twilight, one that highlights all the nutty, crazy, political ramifications of Bella’s TOTAL LACK OF PERSONAL AMBITION and the nutty crazy world of her SPARKLY VAMPIRE STALKER LOVER. Quotes from the post: This, I have discovered, is the real reason that people hate Twilight. It depicts […]

The Thirteenth House

The Thirteenth House (The Twelve Houses, Book 2) is the sequel to Mystic and Rider (The Twelve Houses, Book 1) by Sharon Shinn.  Both books, along with the third, Dark Moon Defender, are fantasy-romances set in the mythical kingdom of Gillengaria, and are, unfortunately, fraught with the saccharine tendencies of romance novels of every other […]

My OTP Is All I Need! Tee Hee!

I don’t know what it is, but romance novels fascinate me.  Every few months I’ll head to the used book store and trade some in to find more, taking far too long to make my decisions due to *cough* having to read the end of each book to make sure the female main character isn’t […]