Not Your Typical Princesses

You want some rockin summer reading? Nothing heavy, but lots of fun, with maybe some thinky stuff thrown in if you feel like thinking while you scoop sand up with your toes and let the waves lull you to sleep? (or you could go to your local big mouse store & roll your eyes at the […]

Reviews in Brief: Sin and Shadows, Varanger, Makers

Books like Sins & Shadows are a case in point for why I can’t quit urban fantasy. You got your standard PI with a past (the delightfully stubborn Sylvie Lightner), a whole lotta mystery, and some delicious characterization. Lightner’s got to find the god of Justice’s lost lover. Lightner’s a delightfully snarky, angry dynamo — the […]

Mysterium by Robert Charles Wilson

Taking its cue from a classic SF/F/H trope of isolating a group of people to see how they deal (or not) with extraordinary circumstances, Mysterium (originally published in 1994, when it won the Phillip K. Dick Award) dresses up an old situation under a coating of metaphysics and gnosticism. What it gets right down to is a […]

Cloud’s Rider

I love C.J. Cherryh, for her world-building, her characters, and her imagination. I picked up Cloud’s Rider before Rider At the Gate because of how difficult it is sometimes to get a complete list of a series in order, and probably because the nice lady stocking shelves at the library was chattering at me. I […]

Reviews in Brief — Distances, Savvy, Five Odd Honors

You guys? Distances is a love letter to mathematics. Evocative, compelling, and wistfully beautiful, Distances reminded me of deliciously vintage le Guin. Anasuya’s people have athmis, which grants them the ability to see connections and patterns otherwise unknown. Anasuya’s specific athmis lies in mathematics — she eventually leaves home to further study the world her talent tells […]