Point of Honour by Madeleine E. Robins

I’ve been looking for a copy of this book since I first read a preview chapter online, several years ago. After such a long delay, the risk of disappointment is high, but this book met my expectations. Point of Honour is a period piece set in a period that never existed: Regency England where Queen […]

Night Watch

Note: I thought about explaining all the terms and jokes from the novels that this post contains.  But the thing about a joke is that it’s not funny if you explain it.  If you are intrigued at all, I would suggest picking up one of the books.  I started with Going Postal, but Sourcery and Pyramids are also good ones to […]

Jade. Mara Jade.

Comments contain ***SPOILERS*** How do I love Mara Jade from Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars novels. Let me count the ways. (Oh, and this is going to be a *spoiler free* post for recent Star Wars novels, if you know what I mean. I’d prefer to keep it that way. And if you don’t know what […]

Poison Study

I just read a couple of books by Maria V. Snyder called Poison Study and Magic Study. I don’t know that I have ever read a fantasy novel set in an early industrial revolution time frame with a moderately successful communist military government before. Especially one that neither preached communism nor villified it, but showed […]

Genre Tokenism Today: The New Octavia Butler – Panel Report

After an embarrassingly long pause, I’m continuing with my write-ups of the WisCon 31 panels I attended. When I’ve finished writing about all of the panels, I’ll do a round-up post. The second panel I attended on Saturday morning at WisCon 31 was “Genre Tokenism Today: The New Octavia Butler,” moderated by Nora Jemison and […]

The Privilege of the Sword

Ellen Kushner’s The Privilege of the Sword is unique for its explorations of gender and sexuality in a fantasy setting. Its nominations (Nebula Award nominee, Locus Award Finalist, Tiptree Honor Book) certainly go a long way to recommend it. If you’re not into fantasy, this book might still be a good read. It’s definitely a […]