Gibson Girls of Cyberpunk

In my first year of teaching Freshman Comp at a local Boston college, I taught a class that I designed myself called “Virtual Realities, Virtual Bodies: Technology and Identity.” Students were asked to examine the evolving role of technology vis-à-vis human and gendered identity. Truth be told, I molded this entire class around one book: […]

I Would Love to be a Fly on the Wall at This Panel

I ran across this snippet at author John Scalzi’s blog Whatever this morning. It’s from the schedule at Penguicon, which is this weekend in Troy, MI. 6-7PM Promenade East Limited Female Roles In Fantasy, Comics, and SF TheFerrett, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, Sarah Monette, M. Keaton Why is it that a female character will either […]

Recommended Reading – Daughters of Earth

We don’t really do book reviews here at THL – our focus is more on film and television (with occasional side trips into video games and various kinds of print media, but I didn’t say it was a hard focus!), and our style is more criticsm than review. But I read a book recently that […]

Back to the Basics

I’ve been re-reading the Mode series by Piers Anthony and I came upon an interesting stereotype I had to mention.   In Fractal Mode, the group of main characters come to a foreign land where men dominate through strong magic that none of the women possess.   They keep their reign through brute force, bullying, […]