A Game of Questions with Beth Bernobich

Queen's Hunt will be released in 2011

Beth Bernobich just came out with Passion Play, a romantic fantasy about politics, power, and reincarnation. Here, she talks about writing techniques, feminism, and emotional growth. What authors do you consider yourself working in conversation with? (Here, I’m trying to get a sense of your authorial genealogy) The three authors I’d name are Jane Austen, […]

Reviews in Brief — The King’s Last Song, Passion Play, Lady Lazarus

First up: The King’s Last Song intertwines the story of Jayavarman VII, a 12th century Cambodian ruler, with the tale of the theft of his last work, an autobiography written on golden leaves. This is a beautiful, painful reflection on colonialism, the impact of war, and history. Unfortunately, very few of the characters achieve the […]

Under a Velvet Cloak — Piers Anthony

Dear Piers — We were really close once — I read all your books. Literally. Race Against Time (with its problematic racial politics), Ghost Ship (….with its problematic racial politics), Tatham Mound (with its problematic racial politics…), the Geodyssey series (with its problematic… gender? politics (yay?)), the Xanth series (with its problematic gender politics), Virtual […]

The War After Armageddon — Ralph Peters

Oh noeeeeeeeeez the terrorists nuked LA! Now the US has embarked on a war of despair in the Middle East, in a 21st century version of the Crusades. There are concentration camps for Muslims and Arabs in Europe, and internment camps for them in the US. The US has opened its borders to moderate Muslim […]

The Women of Harry Potter

In anticipation of the last Harry Potter movie’s release, I have been rereading the books. While they are quite strongly male, there is a decent collection of female characters scattered throughout the books, none of whom I would mind having with me in a fight (except Bellatrix LeStrange). I’ve given a summary of these woman, […]

So Long Been Dreaming — Nalo Hopkinson (Editor) and Uppinder Mehan (Editor)

Wow. Wow. Okay. So you know how SF has some deep colonial roots? Related to the conquest and exploration of strange worlds, the wackeries of the native people, and their eventual destruction? And that’s how we get stuff like Avatar which is really Pocahontas? updated for the 21st century? So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction […]

Ashes of Worlds

Kevin J. Anderson is a familiar name in several fandoms, as an author of novels in the Star Wars, Dune and X-Files universes, as well as several movie novelizations. I got hooked, though by a universe of his own making, that of The Saga of the Seven Suns. Recently, the Saga concluded with The Ashes […]