Space Wars by Michael J Coumatos, William B. Scott, and William J. Birnes

Uh, so I totally thought I could rail against Space Wars regarding its treatment of gender and its handling of US exceptionalism. I was actually… really really surprised, particularly since I read this and the Mistborn trilogy at the same time. Sanderson’s mishandling of female characters really shone in comparison to a book where there […]

The Mistborn Trilogy — Brandon Sanderson

In Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, the most complicated thing is the innovative system of magic. This system is based around the ingestion of particular metals, the “burning” of which gives you particular powers. Being able to use this ability is genetic. This concern with genetics and survival is an underlying and creepy theme of this series. […]

Eric Garcia’s *Dinosaur Mafia* series

Eric Garcia’s Dinosaur Mafia is the first detective series I’ve really gotten into in a while. Garcia delivers competent world-building combined with an engaging narrator, and each book so far functions as an accessible stand alone. <3 That being said, I wasn’t impressed enough that I, personally, would buy a copy — I got these as […]

The Stars Blue Yonder – Sandra McDonald

The Stars Blue Yonder by Sandra McDonald is the third in a series of books beginning with The Outback Stars. The series is a space opera featuring military politics, True Obsessive Love, evil reptilian Roon, and Australian aboriginal gods who pick their Chosen when they enter spherical teleportation portals. The book’s dust jacket description says it better than […]

The Hammer of God — Karen Miller

This book was a waste of my damn time. I really only finished it so I could have some closure on this stupid series. In Empress, Miller has a pretty all right start. I really got a kick out of Hekat. Her desire to see all those who wronged her horribly smited spoke to my […]

The Riven Kingdom — Karen Miller

Yo, I want to apologize. A few weeks ago, I recommended the first book in the Godspeaker series, Empress. I finally got the chance to check out The Riven Kingdom, the sequel, and it’s like Miller took everything awesome about Empress and peed on it. Here’s the plot: Rhian is the only surviving child of […]

Empress — Karen Miller

This was a very fun, very old-school read. At times, Miller felt like she was channelling early Tanith Lee (hear, I’m thinking of Vazkor, Son of Vazkor and The Birthgrave) or Robert E. Howard (of Conan-ic fame). Her exploration of violence, barbarism, childhood trauma, and implacable divinity frames a sustained character portrait of a woman who […]