Defying Gravity — Eps 1-8

I’m really enjoying this show. Diverse cast — Ajay Sharma is my present geek-crush — and vaguely feminist overtones make this series one to keep an eye on. Unfortunately, the pacing and characterization of the female characters is incredibly uneven, and the show itself MIGHT be in danger of cancellation. The basic premise is that […]

The Affinity Bridge by George Mann

Subtitled: A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation If you adore the New Dr. Who series, this is the book for you. It’s NOT Dr. Who, but it has many similarities. I’ve no idea who came up with what ideas first (or if that really matters), but you have your British Indiana Jones-type investigator for the Queen, […]

Jane Lindskold — Nine Gates: Breaking the Wall

So, uh, I really devoured this sequel. You can tell, since I just reviewed the first book on, like, Wednesday. Plot, plot, plot. The Thirteen Orphans have agreed to help the interlopers from the Land to get back home, especially because the baddies who drove Honey Dream, Flying Claw, Righteous Drum, and Waking Lizard to […]

Thirteen Orphans: Breaking the Wall — Jane Lindskold

I have a lot of love for Jane Lindskold. The Firekeeper Saga and Child of a Rainless Year are amazing. So, it was with great eagerness that I began Thirteen Orphans. It’s a good book — it’s a solid start to an innovative and interesting series. All the protagonists (the eponymous Thirteen Orphans) are mixed […]

Green by Jay Lake

Green is a fantasy melange of girl-power, slavery, color and gender politics, and gods and humans and nonhumans-it’s one of the most layered fantasies I’ve read in a long time. On the surface, Green appears simple: it’s the story of a young girl from her earliest memories as a three year old toddler to her […]

/ Slant / — Greg Bear

Mary Choy, Martin Burke, and Jill return in this sequel to Bear’s Queen of Angels, which focuses on the growing crises facing the world of the therapied. Mary’s in the middle of reversing her transform. She’s gradually returning to her “real” self, something that’s drawing mixed reactions from those around her. Her new boss in […]

Warbreaker — Brandon Sanderson

This was a surprisingly good book. Basically, it’s set in a world where Breath is incredibly powerful. Everyone is born with one Breath — the very wealthy can buy other people’s Breath, and can use that to gain heightened senses, the ability to Awaken objects, and increased health/longevity. Sometimes people die and Return with a […]