Sookie Stackhouse series–Charlaine Harris

Books 1-3: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, and Club Dead. Harris certainly knows how to write a fun female protagonist. Sookie Stackhouse is waitress. She’s unschooled, doesn’t have a typical education, but has a lot of people smarts. Why? Sookie is a rare human telepath in a world filled with vampires who’ve come […]

Queen of Angels — Greg Bear

Queen of Angels is about lonliness, murder, and the kind of mental trickeries you need to survive. It’s also about a world where therapy has become mandatory. The untherapied live in the shade of the combs, outside the luxurious world of the privileged and the mentally fit. However, murder has struck inside the combs. Emmanuel […]

20 on the 20th with Leia Weathington!


The last few weeks, I have had the unparalleled privilege of exchanging emails with Leia Weathington, the diva behind Bold Riley. Never heard of it? Better get on that. đŸ˜‰ —————————- 1. What are some of your artistic influences? In terms of comics and who I admire for storytelling and composition my holy trinity is […]

Enchanted, Inc series by Shanna Swendson

C’mon-admit. Everyone likes a break now and then from those hot-and-heavy, sex-laden, deadly-serious Urban Fantasy books, right? Here’s your perfect relax on the beach or escape the office series. Erroneously labeled as chick lit when it was marketed, this series features Katie Chandler, a small town Texan transplant to the Big City of New York. […]

Freakangels — Warren Ellis

Ellis’ online project, FreakAngels, is an amazingly good time. The basic plot centers on the adventures of the FreakAngels, a group of mysterious twenty-somethings who’ve apparrently destroyed the world. These purple-eyed tots have taken Whitechapel under their wing, and are attempting to restore some order to the little pocket of England they’ve now claimed as […]

The Gate of Ivory–Doris Egan

Gate of Ivory opens up on the only known world in the galaxy that has magic. Science can’t explain it, and there’s no reason for it.  It Just Is. Super rational anthropology student Theadora from Pyrene is stranded on Ivory, earning money telling fortunes with her deck of cards. Thea is a gem.  She’s pragmatic. […]

reviews in brief

Mary Janice Davidson’s mermaid series Sleeping with the Fishes (Fred the Mermaid, Book 1) is fantastic. It’s set in Boston (SQUEE!) and features the New England Aquarium quite prominently. Her delightfully snarky half-human protagonist Fred is a marine biologist utterly resistant to the charms of Thomas, the water fellow at the NEA, and Artur, the […]