“Find Your Strongest Life” actually makes sense

I hate self-help books. Most of them boil down to vague and often victim-blaming platitudes about how everything bad that’s ever gotten in your way was your own damn fault for not thinking positively enough. Even psychiatry books, which should be a grade above self-help, often come across as condescending “mansplaining” when they try to […]

Karrine Steffans — The Vixen Manual

Dear God Almighty. The Vixen Manual: How to Find, Seduce & Keep the Man You Want is a misogynist, anti-feminist piece of crap. In Steffans’ view, women have too long relied on the assumption that they’re the more emotional sex (!!!!!!!!) to get away with not acting responsibly (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). She suggests women have to act […]

Real Fitness for Real Women

Real Fitness for Real Women Book

Real Fitness for Real Women: A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman is a workout manual was designed for plus size women interested in feeling more comfortable in their skins. Because of this, it’s focused on movement, not diet, and features workout routines specifically designed for the needs and concerns of plus-sized women. By […]

Carol Lay — The Big Skinny


Geez Louise. The humor and good sense of Shanker’s The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life is a marked contrast to the neuroticism of Carol Lay’s The Big Skinny. Seriously? They both talk about bananas – Shanker’s all like, “Isn’t it messed up that one banana is two servings? Who only eats half a banana at […]

Wendy Shanker — The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life

Shanker is a diva on a mission. She wants to talk about the politics of fat and the politics weight loss. Her hilarious, honest take on one faboo woman’s body politics challenges conventional wisdom about weight, fashion, and the economic forces of the weight loss industry. Plus, she’s suggesting something wicked radical — part of […]

Note to Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits

A follow-up to For the Love of Letters, Samara O’Shea’s Note to Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits describes her experiences as a chronic journaler, and argues passionately for the usefulness of journaling in one’s journey towards self-discovery. In both, she argues for a brief return to solitude, the very thing William […]