Oh urban fantasy… why can’t I quit you?

Just sloughed through the most recent pile of urban fantasy. It’s not so much bad as it is uninspired. There are a lot of white women, with sardonic, oddly perky tones engaged in extreme displays of femininity. Buffy’s shadow looms large in the genre, so it’s like every vampire slayer/vampiress/heiress with an attitude is deeply concerned about both […]

Reviews in Brief — Darkness Calls, The King of Ys, Sage of the Renunciates

Yo, Darkness Calls is amazing. Liu pushes forward her tale of the apocalypse. Along the way, Maxine Hunter (she of the demonic tattoos and GREAT DESTINY) explores her heritage as the last of a line of woman warriors, and travels through time, meeting her grandmother and her mother. Men remain gentle in this series, a […]

Spiral Hunt–Margaret Ronald

Spiral Hunt (Evie Scelan) is a brand new 2009 entry into the urban fantasy field. Even the cover is different from the usual leather clad, weapon-totin’, tattooed monster fighting chick on just about every other cover I see on the book shelves. Score one. See? See? It’s an Irish green, framing Boston on the top of […]