Midweek Media (Lite): 3 Musketeers

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4_R1me06DY Setting: a bustling city pavilion, mid day. A twentysomething white man wearing business casual attire complete with laptop bag walks down the street. A white woman pushing a stroller/pram sees him and says hello, giving him a long once-over, implying interest. The man looks puzzled and continues on a few steps. Three women, one […]

Meg Medina — Milagros: The Girl From Away

Milagros: Girl from Away reminds you from the get go that, even in their own stories, Latinos are from “away.” Heh. Anyways, Milagros is from Las Brises, a super-small and super-secret island in the Caribbean, where it’s so peaceful and awesome that Spanish colonizers just rolled up on it and did their thing without pesky slaves […]

Carrie Ryan — The Dead-Tossed Waves

Dude, Ryan took *everything awesome* about The Forest of Hands and Teeth and just fucked that shit up. I think you can kinda tell looking at the covers how different these two books are, too. One’s a dead looking chick floating in some waves wearing a cami. The other’s a woman looking a bit ahead, […]

Anne of Green Gables

I’m going to have to do my critique of Lucy Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables from memory, as I can’t find my own copy (I suspect my mum threw it out after I read it to pieces) and there’s a wait list on it at my libraries (take that, Ms. Meyer – I can’t see […]

The Heretic Queen — Michelle Moran

The Heretic Queen: A Novel is the sequel to Moran’s Nefertiti, which I reviewed earlier this week. In it, Moran picks up on the life of Mutny’s child, Nefertari, who’s trying to make a place in a court seeking to oust any reminders of the old regime. Nefertiti’s legacy has been pretty much destroyed, and […]

Nefertiti — Michelle Moran

This compelling young adult novel focuses on Nefertiti and her sister Mutny. Nefertiti is destined to become the Chief Wife of Pharaoh — her family is centered around her and her campaign for power, since she’s at once a pawn (her role as Pharaoh’s wife helps establish her father politically) and a major player (her […]

Invisible Touch — Kelly Parra

Kelly Parra’s Invisible Touch is a reflection on grief for the MTV generation.* Kara Martinez’ lost her father in a boating accident. She also died — literally and metaphorically. When the doctors brought her back, she could see things others couldn’t. Visions of the future splayed out on people’s chests. Generally, these visions involved THEIR […]