reviews in brief

I’m still on a big YA kick, and went ahead through the first volume of Smith’s Night World collection. Again, Smith’s prose is gorgeously lucid, and the plots are quite fun. My one hesitation is that Smith’s got an on-going motif re: female archetypes that’s kinda making me twitch. The whole DID YOU NOTICE XXX […]

LJ Smith — The Secret Circle

Just finished the first vol. of the series the Secret Circle. Smith’s an amazing YA writer — her characters are generally distinct from both one another and from other series, which is always fun. While her plots can be a bit rote, she infuses them with fresh life because of her able prose and her […]

Neil Gaiman’s Coraline

Coraline by Neil Gaiman is a children’s story about a girl who’s ordinary and imperfect, yet cast in the role of a hero on a quest. This combination is pretty rare. There are a number of good girl characters in literature, but the ones who get to go on adventures tend to be either very […]

reviews in brief

I went home to New Orleans last week! It was great — then I found out why the tickets were on sale. 😛 While visiting fam, I got to do a lot of reading. Most of it wasn’t memorable, and actually was completely full of fail, but I’m gonna use this to talk about one […]

Reading Warriors

Man, I was really excited to see HarperCollins Reading Warriors program, an online resource offering a bunch of downloadable tools for kiddies looking to read over the summer and teachers looking to guide that reading. It’s available here: HOWEVER, a quick skim through the titles recommended for further reading suggests that HC didn’t do […]

Susan Hubbard — The Society of S

This was a great read til the last five minutes. Basically, what’s going on is that our narrator, Ariella, is realizing that her dad’s a vampire. Also, she’s realizing that SHE might be a vampire as well. Little things like her (human) mother’s disappearance, the fact that her dad won’t let her leave the house, […]

Not Quite Forever…

If they had sex the girl was always punished — an unplanned pregnancy, a hasty trip to a relative in another state, a grisly abortion (illegal in the U.S. until the 1970’s), sometimes even death. Lies. Secrets. At least one life ruined. Girls in these books had no sexual feelings and boys had no feelings […]