Modern Family

Modern Family is easily the most intelligent American comedy I’ve seen in a while, currently on its first season in Australia and, I believe, its second in the US. It follows the escapades of ‘modern family’, the Pritchett-Delago-Dunphy-Tuckers. Patriarch Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) is on his second marriage to much younger Gloria Delago-Pritchett (Sofia Vergara), […]

Two and a Half Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men

For some reason, I ended up on CBS last night and sat through Two and a Half Men. I had seen this show once or twice, a long time ago, and didn’t even realize it was still on the air. After wasting half an hour of my evening, I remained baffled as to why this […]

Bride Wars

I’m not sure exactly why I watched Bride Wars. It didn’t look like my cup of tea at all. I believe it was that my sisters loved it, although one of them also loved Twilight, so that should have been a big warning there. Wars follows the story of lifelong best friends Liv (Kate Hudson) […]

“Accidentally on Purpose” making social commentary

“Accidentally on Purpose” is a new sitcom starring Jenna Elfman that centers around a 37-year-old woman who starts a fling with a much younger man, only to find herself pregnant. The premise immediately made me raise a feminist eyebrow, since there are just so many tropes and clichés that potentially lurk just below the surface. […]

Glee: Actually, pretty much a letdown

There are lots of things I really wanted to like about Glee. It’s definitely creative and different, it demonstrates some appreciation for high-school-outsider status, and it’s probably the first tv show that I can think of that really engages my love of musicals. Having observed some of the commentary surrounding the special preview episode that […]

Drop Dead Diva

I’ll admit it, I expected watching Lifetime’s new drama, Drop Dead Diva which premiered this past Sunday in the States to be something like watching a house burn – it’s just too dreadful to look away from. The basic premise of the show is that two women, polar opposites in everything from looks to brains, […]

Golden Girls: relationships without commitment are just fine

A couple of cable channels have been running The Golden Girls lately, and after Bea Arthur’s passing, I decided to watch some episodes. I watched the show now and then years ago and found the writing inconsistent – sometimes they recycled plots from other sitcoms, and other times they came up with something pretty original […]