Wings and Helen’s career

I realized the other day that one of the reasons I loved “Wings” so much was that Helen wanted to be a concert cellist, and she was always getting her heart broken on that dream because music is so competitive. She also wanted to get married and got her heart broken by men occasionally, but […]

Scrubs: Thank heaven for men!

Scrubs is a wacky silly show that dares not to have a laugh track. Sometimes it’s hilarious: “Hey, how come Frankfurt and Hamburg have nothing to do with frankfurters and hamburgers?” “How come your Lake Titicaca is not filled with boobs and poop?” And sometimes it’s brilliant on gender, like when Elliot and Turk are […]

Melissa Who?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sitcom Samantha Who? First, I generally hate sitcoms, and the premise of the show – a woman rebuilding her life after an accident that causes complete amnesia of who she is and what she’s done – seems exceptionally cliché at first. The show quickly redeemed itself in my eyes […]

How I Met Your Mother: The Bracket

It’s not difficult for me to hate characters like Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Last Monday’s episode, The Bracket, demonstrates it perfectly. It’s not a show I watch, for reasons Purtek highlighted in her review of another episode, and because I have no real desire to. I happened across five minutes of it […]

With Friends Like These…

I just watched an episode of Friends, and please, God, give me that half hour of my life back. Basically, Rachel tells Ross she’s slept with four or five men while he’s slept with two women (including her). He freaks out that she had ‘wild animal sex’ with someone and feels deeply insecure. She reassures […]