Gilmore Girls, Part 1: The good

I may be the only person still watching Gilmore Girls, but it’s one of those situations of intense stubbornness after hanging on for seven seasons, and I struggle to admit just how far it’s fallen. This set of thoughts is divided into three parts, however, and this one is titled “The good”. The bad and […]

Another take on Maggie O’Connell

I long time ago, I wrote a post about Maggie O’Connell on Northern Exposure. To sum it up, I felt that when all was said and done, all her neurosis pointed to this reading: “she ends up playing as a warning to feminists: “you just try to take care of yourself for a while, little […]

How I Met Your Mother: Sauce for the Gander

How I Met Your Mother  is normally a very entertaining show. It isn’t breaking any new ground, and certainly falls into standard TV demographics with its cast (all of the characters are young, white, professional, heterosexual, and of course photogenic), but it does usually feature excellent writing. One of the things that makes the writing […]

As Time Goes By

Why is it that British television seems to serve its female characters better than its American counterpart? Is it because only the best shows get exported to America, so that filters out anything sub par? Or is there a genuine difference in attitudes on the other side of the Atlantic? Because I doubt that As […]


“Wonderfalls” is a yet another fun, quirky series Fox managed to kill after only thirteen episodes. (What do they do over there? Have interdepartmental wars to destroy each other’s projects?) Like Brisco County, it’s got the plot force of a drama, but it’s full of comedy and mysticism. It features a disaffected twenty-something girl named […]

Women: Know Your Limits

And now for something completely different. This is just too funny not to share: it’s a farce of a 1950’s film strip teaching women about their intellectual limitations. If you’re unable to hear the voiceover, the narrator describes how the men are trading witty remarks and the women look so pretty! And then the conversation […]

I Really Am a Woman!

Have you seen the most recent King of Queens ad? Doug is apparently worried that he might be (gasp!) a woman! If you haven’t seen the show, here’s a link to the SonyPictures website for it: Are you back? Okay. So in this ad, you see Carrie and Doug getting it on. They’re kissing, […]