Sex in the Vicarage

(I wrote a variation of this in my LiveJournal a while back, so if it seems familiar to anyone, that’s where you’ve seen it.) Vicar of Dibley never could have been made in the US. It’s a really cute, silly, fluffy comedy about a female vicar (Dawn French) assigned to a tiny little parish in […]

The Cutting Edge

Last week I wrote about how Alan Shore and Denny Crane from Boston Legal were brilliant illustrations of how successful men can be as much victims of the patriarchy as the patriarchy’s more obvious victims. Watching Nip/Tuck it occurred to me that the two male leads, Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) and Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) […]

Sports Night

Before West Wing, Aaron Sorkin produced Sports Night. In the tradition of Mary Tyler Moore and W.K.R.P., Sports Night followed the trials and tribulations of a dedicated staff producing a second-rate sports news show in an oversaturated market. Soap opera-style office romances added a hook, but the show was cancelled by ABC after two seasons. […]

Love and the City

I finished the first season of Sex and the City at a friend’s house tonight and came home with one thought – What’s up with the love thing? Now, granted, this show is mainly about sex instead of love, but in every situation the “˜L’ word came up, it was always the woman who was […]

I Hate Lucy

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for a long time, but I never was sure just what offended me so much about I Love Lucy. It was something more than the jaw-dropping level of domineering Lucy accepted as her due from Ricky. And when I read this article which describes Lucy as “infantilized submissive… […]

Why I Hated Friends

“Friends” was one of those shows I caught in re-runs, because it was on at a time of day when I felt like watching TV and didn’t care much what was on. Even then, there were episodes I just had to turn off. But generally, it was well-written, funny, and broke some stereotypes while catering […]

The Persuaders

I’ve been watching an early-70’s British series called “The Persuaders”, starring Tony Curtis and Roger Moore as two playboys thrown together to use their wasted talents in solving crimes. It’s the sort of buddy show where the two guys have such chemistry together that you expect the women to come and go like outfits – […]