VH1′s Tool Academy

Okay, so the point of this show is that the dudes are totally awful and the girlfriends are martyrs, horribly injured by the “tools” they’re dating. This relationship guru (with a British accent* a la Nanny 911 — but I think she’s a real therapist because she wears a lot of yellow and MY therapist […]

Open Thread: Susan Boyle needs a makeover?

SBG recently talked about Susan Boyle, the singer who blew everyone away on Britain’s Got Talent despite, gasp, not looking like a Hollywood starlet. The reactions to this woman’s looks have been interesting, to say the least. Katie Couric called Boyle’s story “a reminder that looks can be deceiving” – I believe this was meant entirely […]

The Bachelor: The Not-So-Nice Nice Guy

You’d be proud of me, THL readers! I did not watch this season of The Bachelor, a show which I find really upsetting on several fronts. It was difficult for me to avoid the hype, especially since this year’s bachelor, Jason Mesnick, is from the Seattle area* and so am I. I did watch the […]

Rock of Love: Charm School

This is less of a review than a “The concept itself is insulting, so I will pass judgment on it having seen only a couple of YouTube bits of the original series and a single episode of this new one” post. Please excuse any inaccuracies that may follow. For those of you who were lucky […]

Oscar’s Funniest Moment

Two posts in one day! No one faint. Isn’t this funny? Yes, sexual harassment is hifuckinglarious. I simply couldn’t stop chuckling when Gary Busey felt up Jennifer Garner, and her uneasiness afterward? Priceless. Good times, good times. Pardon both the language and the sarcasm. I cannot adequately describe how angry this little clip makes me. […]

Super Skinny Me

It’s good to find out I’m not the only woman who can go on a diet well below 1,000 calories a day and fail to lose a pound. Yes, on a purely selfish note, that’s what I got out of the documentary “Super Skinny Me“, which aired on BBCAmerica (not for the first time, and […]

How to Look Good Naked

Lifetime recently gave us the opportunity to watch a sneak peak of their upcoming show, “How to Look Good Naked.” Let me state up front: they didn’t ask for a review (although I suspect that was their hope, to stir up buzz for the show), they didn’t pay for a review, and I have no […]