Body Doubles

Just watched* a show called Body Doubles, which was kind of a beauty pageant for the world’s most beautiful identical twins. Let’s just say, all those Miss America and Miss World pageants looked like the epitome of class compared to this show. Among other things, the twins strutted down the runway in lingerie and swimwear […]


You know what’s a really uncool idea? Let’s raise lots and lots of generations of girls and teach them they’re not entitled to anything, not even to not getting beaten by their husbands, except a really gorgeous wedding which will be the only day of their lives anyone really treats them with respect. Let’s change […]

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is kind of unique among reality shows in that the vast majority of the contestants seem fairly normal and sane, or at the very least usually free of major personality disorders. The show involves 11 two-person teams going on a race around the world; the last team to arrive at each episode’s […]

Take Home Chef

The concept behind TLC’s Take Home Chef is actually kind of cool. Chef goes to a market, sees someone shopping, and offers to purchase the ingredients and help prepare a special meal for the shopper’s loved one and/or friend. I know I wouldn’t mind having a fancy meal prepared for me (the chef really does all […]

ANTM: Beyond the pale.

I have had no time at all for television this week, and I can’t handle America’s Next Top Model even on the days I’m most inclined to wallow and couldn’t care less what noise is distracting me from my thoughts. I came across these photos on the internet, however, and could not let them pass […]