Scarlett’s Two Cents on Beauty and the Geek

When I heard of the concept for Beauty and the Geek a few years ago, I thought it could be an interesting social experiment: pairing up people from socially engineered stereotypes and making them learn about one another, hopefully opening their minds – and hearts – to looking beyond appearance. Instead, I was dumbfounded by […]

Big Brother All-Stars, Part 3

Big Brother All-Stars, part one and part two So what was Erika’s big crime that focused everyone on her? She wanted to be a good person. Erika’s the one who didn’t pick on anyone, who cried every time she had to evict someone she actually liked, who tried to make goodbye videos that were sincere […]

Big Brother All-Stars, Part 2

Big Brother All-Stars, part one The show’s finale came down to Mike and Erika. If the other contestants were actually voting for the winner based on merit, there is no reason that Mike’s victory would have been assured, so there was really no other way to go than what happened. While the jury was discussing […]

Big Brother All-Stars, Part 1

Big Brother is kind of near the bottom of the reality-show hierarchy. At the top you have the award winning, generally positive shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor, and the ones that are simply unstoppable ratings grabbers like American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, and then BB is more towards the ‘voyeuristic and […]

A new take on makeovers

I really hope this turns out just the way it’s described. Every Woman Has an Eating Disorder says LifetimeTV is doing casting calls for a reality makeover show that’s about: The series will focus not on bodies, but on body image–making over the way we look at ourselves. The Lifetime casting call page is a […]

Top Chef

One of the interesting things about reality tv is that sometimes, people surprise you and do the right thing when you least expect it. It’s rare, but it does happen. Occasionally though, you find that someone you used to like does something that forces you to sympathize with someone you disliked before. That’s probably one […]

BatG – Blonde v. Brunette

It was interesting half-watching Wednesday’s episode of Beauty and the Geek. I realize there’s probably massive amounts of editing going on in order to present things in certain ways, but I also don’t doubt that at least some of it was truly happening. What I’m talking about is a division of the women in the […]