Beauty and the Geek

You know, I can actually appreciate the “social experiment” of The CW’s show Beauty and the Geek. It’s not deep television, reality or otherwise, nor is it a groundbreaking idea – pair up eight gorgeous, socially skilled women with eight incredibly smart, socially inept men and see what happens, if boundaries are broken down by […]

Look beautiful so your daughter has a role model

I just tuned into the American version of “What Not to Wear”, confident they’d provide me something to write about.   They did.   The hosts helped Marissa – a strictly “black t-shirt & jeans” woman – find a new attractive style that suited her “busy mom” lifestyle but also expressed her vivacious personality.   […]

Beware of boredom

This article shows a short public information film from 1961, from the University of Oklahoma. The author of the post describes it as “A worrying little public information film from 1961 equating household accidents with the apparently dubious mental health of the housewives of the era”. But the final message to housewives is: “Beware of […]

Outback Jack

There was a reality TV series, Outback Jack, which I’m embarrassed to say I watched from time to time, before I became an enlightened feminist and joined TLH. It was similar to shows like Average Joe and The Bachelor where women compete for a man’s affections. Except those women were competing for the man’s affections […]

These Boots…

Okay, you know you watch too much TV when you turn on The Tyra Banks Show and actually watch for a few minutes. Recently, Tyra’s show included a discussion about women who will do anything for fashion. I only stuck around for two such women – the first had hammer toes and had surgery to […]

Cesar Millan – the Dog Whisperer

I know The Dog Whisperer seems like an odd choice for this site, but it’ll make sense when I’m done. Really. Cesar Millan is a dog behaviorist – not a trainer, but someone who really understands how dogs think, and how to communicate with them like another dog would, and how well-intentioned owners can inadvertently […]