Dr. 90210: Keep Your Chin Up

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night and sifted around the million unnecessary TV stations I have. I landed on Dr. 90210. I’m a little appalled that this show exists, to be honest, but I was very appalled to read the description of the episode airing: A young model wants breast augmentation; […]

Image Is Everything

I found myself watching the 2006 Teen Choice Awards recently. Don’t ask me why; I’m embarrassed to admit there was actually a reason. The award for “Best Hottie” came up and winners announced. Jessica Alba won for the women, and when she got up to claim her prize she started thanking her trainer, her manicurist, […]

Rock Star: Supernova

This really isn’t a post so much as a “my gut tells me” kind of reaction. I don’t usually watch reality TV, though you wouldn’t know that by how often I’ve mentioned it here. 😉 Basic premise of Rock Star: Supernova, for those not watching, is a group of singers compete against each other to […]

Men of the Porcine Variety

I really do try to avoid making generalizations; they’re dangerous because they are just that – general statements about a place, thing or group of people that are undoubtedly diverse. Painting every single American with the same critical stroke is a bit unfair, for example, and calling men pigs makes a pretty big assumption that […]