Walk A Mile (Or Kilometre) In These Shoes

I’ve watched What Not To Wear off and on for a while and noticed a trend of the experts telling women of all statures (but predominantly shorter women) to 1) wear high heels and 2) wear high heels with an extremely pointed toe (you know, the kind that make your feet look like skis). The […]

What Not To Wear

I’ve been watching “What Not To Wear” on BBCAmerica lately, and it fascinates me to see how women perceive themselves, and how others perceive them. A few rules I’ve noticed: The women who dress badly out of insecurity are always with even dowdier and less appealing men, or are without a partner. A lot of […]

Freedom of choice?

I have unfond thoughts about Oprah on a general level. Don’t know why, but the things that everyone seems to love about her drive me nuts. This post isn’t about Oprah, it’s just that I managed to swallow my reaction to her to watch yesterday’s episode. The show was very interesting and made some, in […]

The Superbowl

I didn’t watch the Superbowl, but I’m going to review it anyway, because I have it on good authority that professional critics don’t actually watch everything they review. As usual, the presentation of women as sex object cheerleader types totally failed to detract from the overwhelming and somewhat embarrassing homoerotic tension of an American professional […]