Reaction: NCIS (8×24)

This week, the season eight finale of NCIS! Still feeling off (wondering if I’ll ever not feel off, honestly), so bear with me. Ships A H O Y At the fifteen minute mark, I grew a bit weary of all the shippiness. Tony/EJ! Ziva/Ray! McGee/Abby/Cade. Eh. I am very glad EJ survived, but bummed Levin […]

Reaction: NCIS (8×23)

Hello, 1.5 THL readers! A head’s up – I’ve had an off day, so this NCIS episode reaction might be more scattered than usual. How would that even be possible, you say? Hah. When Barrett’s just doing her job, I like her. Wish they’d cut out all that sexual tension crap with Tony earlier – […]

Reaction: Supernatural (6×20)

Hello, THL! It’s Friday again, and you know that that means! SBG blathers on about Supernatural! S P N In general, and this has nothing to do with Castiel, I’m not fond of the particular kind of storytelling. The kind of noir, voiceover retelling of events just doesn’t do it for me, I guess. It’s […]

Reaction: NCIS (8×22)

Annnnd, we’re back with new episodes of NCIS. Anyone else out there watching? < > This one’s called Baltimore because the Port-to-Port Killer (really, that was the best they could come up with?) killed Tony’s former cop partner from … Baltimore. I like to call the episode When Tony Met Gibbs: A Love Story. Not […]

Reaction: Supernatural (6×19)

*taps microphone* Is this thing on? Just checking. ETA: I would like to see discussion of the show outside of “OMG, it’s so rotten.” Because, well, despite its rottenness in some areas, I still love it and would prefer for these posts to not be downers all the time. 😉 Surely, someone out there watches […]

Reaction: NCIS (8×10)

I know it’s a rerun week, but I 1) haven’t seen this one and, 2) I don’t want to get out of the habit. Incidentally, if there are shows you’d like us to consider discussing (live show, not the rewatch), let us know … we make no guarantees, of course, but maybe one of us […]

McLeod’s Daughters: Claire and Peter

I said in my initial article on Mcleod’s Daughters that, while passing the Bechdel test to a point that it often fails to do the reverse, it was never going to be known for its sharp writing or innovative storylines. Working through season two, I stand by that, but one particular storyline has struck me […]