Burger King: Determined Not To Have Female Patronage

I’m not entirely sure this post belongs here. It’s just that I’ve noticed (and not just recently) that Burger King’s (BK) ad campaigns have been geared strictly toward men. I’m saying this in comparing them to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen and, heck, even Jack in the Box, all of which at least strive to encompass […]

The Men of Boston Legal: Brad Chase

There’s a character on Boston Legal, Brad Chase. He’s in his forties, a gifted lawyer, but most importantly, he’s white, blandly good-looking and suave. Combined with his God-given intelligence, he’s a poster boy for invisible privilege and entitlement that would have Adolf Hitler drooling. When he’s up for partner in one of the best firms […]

Vive Las Vegas

I must admit, I quite enjoy Las Vegas. Sure, it’s cheesy, campy, and Danny and Ed invariable get the better of whatever grand scheme some criminal mastermind attempted to foist on them. But it doesn’t pretend to be anything but cheesy, campy fun, and I’ve always been a sucker for stuff which doesn’t pretend to […]


There was an Australian television series on a few years ago called Heartbreak High. It followed the lives of a dozen or so high school students as they navigated the difficulties of sex, relationships, love, betrayal, and the odd assignment.I loved it. It wasn’t afraid to tackle issues. One girl’s boyfriend died after taking a […]

NBC looking for women viewers?

I recently saw an interview with Dick Wolf, creator of Law & Order. He said that at the end of the third season, NBC president Warren Littlefield gave him a cancellation notice a year early (meaning the show would be canceled after the fourth season ended). Wolf asked why, and Littlefield explained that the show […]

Grey’s Anatomy – Autopsy of Female Characters

In true fangirly fashion, I watched Grey’s Anatomy last night simply because I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is hot and he was in it. And, even as a potentially dying patient, he proved yummy. However, the rest of the show is crap toward women, at least from this set of newbie eyes. This is what […]