All The President’s Men

I’ve been watching Commander-in-Chief, and my impressions are mixed. As a quip recap (spoiler warning!!), the male President dies, and on his deathbed, attempts to get his female VP Mackenzie to resign, leaving the position free for the Speaker of the House, a power-hungry piece of work, Templeton. McKenzie refuses, and from then on it’s […]

Patriarchal Instinct

A week ago, I wrote about a crappy All Saints episode, combined with Ifratah’s complaint about how a perfectly good action heroine turned out to be a softie, which led me to believe that 99% of perfectly good tough-as-nails females have to turn out to be really a softie/insane/pathologically self-serving bitch. We’ve done softies, with […]

Sins of the Father

I did warn you I’d do a series on All Saints: In my last article, I spoke about a storyline on the Australian hospital soap/drama All Saints that blew out of the water the I’m-pregnant-so-I’ll-turn-the-screws-on-my-boyfriend-to-marry-me storyline. I got to thinking that that storyline also, intentionally or unintentionally, examined our social conditioning that men feel no […]

Saints Preserve Us

I’m so in love with this Australian soap opera/drama All Saints that I may end up writing a whole series of articles on it. For a country that condemned its most famous feminist, Germaine Greer, it’s done a damn good job of making a TV series where the women are as ballsy and independent as […]

The Black Widow

I’ve been thinking lately about the black widow character.   You know, the TV show lead female whose ever lover dies on her.   Usually, it’s for convenience – the lovers are just a plot device, to be discarded at the end of an episode.   But in at least one case – Maggie O’Connell […]

Legalities Aside Pt II

People should read my first past two underneath this one about Boston Legal before they read this one; it makes a little more sense, then. Am I the only person totally in love with Candice Bergen’s Boston Legal character Shirley Schmidt? She’s a brilliant lawyer who doesn’t let anyone walk over her and who nonetheless […]

Legalites Aside…

I’ve really taken to Boston Legal, more than I did The Practice. And watching the two male leads, Alan Shore (James Spader) and Denny Crane (William Shatner) made me think that this is possibly the most honest relationship between two men on television. Not because they’re emotionally close and affectionate, but precisely the opposite. Shore […]