The Unit

CBS has a new show, apparently. I saw an ad for it yesterday while watching NCIS (which has its own set of male/female dynamics issues), in which various men were shown in dangerous, save-the-world situations while their wives were at home “keeping things together”. So…the men get to have grand adventures and be brave and […]

Women hard-asses are “bitches”… until you find the chewy soft center underneath.

I’m currently watching season one of La Femme Nikita with one of my friends. (My first time through.) Madeline’s been my favorite female character since the first episode. She’s cold, unwavering, calm, collected, and all sorts of other stuff. But one thing she’s not is soft. Then I watched episode 14, “Gambit”. UGH. The episode […]

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy lately, and am just about to change channels on account that the shippers have grabbed this show by the teeth and are refusing to let go. I should note, that GA has some good characters, and one day I’ll get to detailing them. Yang is delightfully cynical, brutally honest. Bailey […]

Lee, better known as Quincy’s girlfriend

My quest to find something remotely positive to write about this week led me to some interesting thoughts on the girlfriend from Quincy. Yes, Quincy, the show from the ’70’s starring Jack Klugman as a coroner who just can’t keep his hands off a good mystery. Not the sort of show I normally watch, but […]

Response to “I Don’t Do Drama”

REDBYRD wrote such an interesting response to I Don’t Do Drama that I decided to post it as its own article rather than a comment: I don’t watch much drama either. Frankly I’ve long since given up on getting good female characters. I’d settle for just getting decent *stories*. Nearly everything I watch is the […]