House: Hunting


In the second season episode of House, “Hunting”, Cameron has an HIV-positive patient Kalvin cough blood into her mouth and eyes. Understandably, she’s upset. Chase asks her if she wants to go for a drink and she snaps at him that a drink is not going to make the threat of HIV go away. Later, […]

Army Wives

Army Wives is TV show on the US Lifetime network – I’ve been told it’s a network with a lousy track record when it comes to feminist-friendly characters and storylines – about the lives of the women (and token male) married to soldiers in the US Army. The fact it didn’t air in Australia until […]

CSI Miami: Below and Beyond

A recent CSI Miami episode focussed on cyber-stalking. Briefly, a school swimming star (Candace Walker) is the subject of a website devoted to stalking and photographing her – consequently, she is being followed by dozens of amateur paparazzi – and at the beginning of the episode, her boyfriend is shot and killed with an arrow. […]

Joan of Arcadia: Bringeth It On

Joan of Arcadia was a series on CBS for two seasons a few year back which I absolutely loved, and Sci-Fi has recently started showing reruns. It centers on a teenage girl named Joan Girardi who’s recently begun receiving visits and instructions from God. They’re not orders (this version of God is very big on […]

CSI: NY – Stella vs the Tropes

I’ve posted before about how the writers of CSI: New York have handled stories involving Stella. The most recent episode I’ve seen, “The Thing About Heroes,” is another example – it finishes a couple of running arcs through the season – and includes what I found an excellent exploration of a couple a common tropes […]

Fat Girl With Hot Guy

Hello, THL! It’s been a long time, due to RL issues as well as plain and simple writer’s block. I’ve still got that, so bear with me. This post might be rocky. I recently stumbled across a show I’d never heard of – October Road, on ABC here in the States. I saw Laura Prepon […]