One Tree Hill: Bowling for Tropes

I’ll say upfront that I’m not a regular One Tree Hill (OTH) viewer. With the dearth of new programming on (not blaming the writers for wanting their fair share, but DAMN I wish the industry would work this strike out sooner rather than later), I’ve found myself scrounging around for something to watch. I won’t […]

Duh, It’s All About the Guys

A recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy had me chuckling. In it, Meredith’s stuck in a typically trite love triangle between Derek, a married man who routinely broke her heart, and Fin, a vet who obviously adored her and forgave an indiscretion with Derek. (Why she felt she needed to make a choice was beyond me, […]

The Street: Yvonne and Sean

***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** The Street is a series which features a different home on a street in Manchester, UK each episode. While the first five episodes of series one were a bit hit and miss for me, the finale absolutely blew me away. My interest was piqued in the very first scene, as Leah, the eldest […]

DJH: Eggbert

In the s2 episode of Degrassi Junior High, Eggbert, we see a pregnant Spike (Christine) being given a egg through her pregnant mother’s group. She has to take care of it for two weeks as she would a real baby. All her school mates are supportive, going so far as to give it a name […]

Dexter: Learning Not to Trust (Part 3)

This is a more difficult post to write than the first two, both because it’s tougher to put my finger on exactly why I liked the way the third untrusting female character was portrayed, and because this character’s experience is more based on generalized male privilege than it is on the much more salient and […]

Dexter: Learning Not to Trust (Part 2)

The second woman in this episode who exhibits a learned discomfort with trusting her male partner is Rita, Dexter’s girlfriend. Rita is interesting for a number of reasons—she’s in a romantic relationship with a sociopath, but one who is adept at hiding the fact that he spends his evenings murdering people, though he still struggles […]

Dexter: Learning Not to Trust (Part 1)

The second episode of the second season of Dexter includes a thematic thread connecting several of the female characters. I started trying to write just one post on it, but found that, even though I’m really only looking at one episode, the themes were rich enough that they deserved to be explored in a post […]