Batman and Robin #19: The Mansplainer Follow Up

With Cornell’s last issue, we find out what was really going on with Una Nemo, our psychotic comic book straw feminist from last month. Surprise! The whole dead ex-girlfriend thing was just a front! Vikki Vale is fine (even though she’s tied up in a cupboard; girl can’t catch a break!), and the Dead Ex […]

Quick! Put Some Breasts On That!

My name is Leigh and I love comic books, so much so that I’ve decided it’s the industry for me. I currently manage a comic book shop. It’s not rocket science, I’m not curing cancer, but between my growing responsibilities, and a colorful cast of customers and coworkers, things certainly aren’t boring. Recently, I’ve been […]

Buffy Season 8: No Future For You

The Buffy Season 8 comic series started off with a 4-issue arc that was just okay, then produced the best single-issue comic I have ever read in my life (“The Chain”), and then managed to sustain some serious quality through the second 4-issue arc, “No Future For You”. I have always liked the character of […]


After the, er, thing I reviewed last time, I figured I’d go for something I love: Nevada. It’s a comic, by Steve Gerber, set Las Vegas, about a dancer called, as you may guess, Nevada. And Nevada rocks. While the whole series is about something happening *to* her – specifically a cosmic initiation called the […]