The Spending Power of Women

Are women really not worth a sales pitch? Is it true that only 18-34 year old boys are worth marketing your product to? As you may know, one of my big complaints about the film industry was how many times I endured the “We just give the audience what it wants to see” lecture. No […]

Women viewers need not apply

On the DVD extras for Firefly, a Fox sci-fi series that was troubled from the get-go and cancelled after 15 episodes, Chris Buchanan (president of Mutant Enemy, creator Joss Whedon’s production company) said: “The initial results – they made the network nervous. The men didn’t respond as strongly as they thought they would, and the […]

The TV Viewer’s Guide to Sexual Tension and Talentless Hacks

Why does sexual tension seem to ruin so many shows? Is it that hard to write? Is it that hard to act? What’s the big deal? If you’ve asked yourself these and other questions, here’s your guide to protecting yourself from bad sexual tension on TV. (1) Watch out for changes in the writing/production staff. […]

Network Executives are Perverts

Here’s a bit of insight into the hearts and minds of some BBC network executives, which are typical of network executives ’round the globe. In the early ’80’s, a show called The Young Ones debuted on the BBC, and later hit the state via MTV. For those of you who don’t know, it was a […]

Non-Sexual Tension

I was reading a message board the other day, and someone made the comment that sexual tension always improves a TV show. Several of us argued against that, but it got me thinking: that does seem to be what the people making TV believe. And why? Could it be that it’s the easiest, cheapest element […]

The Internet Revolution

People are speculating that DVD’s will change the way TV shows are made. Already, DVD sales are being considered in renewal negotiations. I think we’re still a ways off from anything really extraordinary – like episodic series being released straight to DVD and bypassing TV entirely – but anything’s possible at this point. But what […]