Should I start a Shitlist?

I’ve been thinking about starting a list on site of producers and writers who have committed particularly grievous offenses against female characters. Stick a link to it in the margin, and you guys would be able to suggest new additions in the comment field. Does this sound like fun? I’m just getting fed up. The […]

Equal means One-Up

Maybe part of the problem is that the concept of equality is lost on male filmmakers. Linguist Deborah Tannen says that, generally speaking, women and men express themselves in different ways, with different end goals for their communication. (Yes, it’s a generalization, but I’ll explain shortly why this doesn’t matter.) According to Tannen, women prefer […]

You can direct when he’s done

“I want to direct an episode! I actually asked at the beginning of season three, at the same time as Michael did [Shanks went on to direct Double Jeopardy] and for whatever reason [mimes her lack of penis with her wiggling finger]…I can’t say that. I’d be so fired…! I’m sure that my lack of […]

Women don’t go see movies

There’s a long-held assumption in Hollywood that women just don’t go to movies as often as men, so why bother trying to figure out what they want and make movies that fit? They won’t pay to see them anyway! And they believe it like zealots. I once spent ninety minutes trying to explain to a […]