Women buy 55% of movie tickets

Pink tickets

Recently, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) came out with some earth-shattering stats that reveal women buy 55% of all theater tickets. That’s women, as in, not men. You can download the pdf of stats here, or read coverage from Women and Hollywood and Marketing to Women Onilne. From Melissa Silverstein: I know exactly […]

You’ve got a long way to go, baby

Kathryn Bigelow absolutely deserved her Best Director Academy Award because she’s an awesome director. But before anyone praises the Academy for awarding it to her, there are a few things I need to point out. How the Academy works If you’re under the impression the Academy is a carefully selected group of studious filmmakers who […]

Suspending your disbelief for a movie in which only white guys are interesting

In following references to this website to see what’s being said about us, I came across Joseph Childers’ article, How the Bechdel Test could save the Oscars. Here’s an excerpt, in which he’s referring to the Bechdel test and Deggan’s Rule: Now it would seem, as a white man, I’m not personally injured by the […]

Bigelow up for Best Director, but still just “James Cameron’s ex-wife”

This is not reassuring. Talented director and writer Kathryn Bigelow has been nominated for the Best Director Acadamy Award. In fact, the film for which she’s nominated got the same number of Oscar nominations as James Cameron’s Avatar. This is fantastic because she deserves it, because only three other women have ever had this nomination, […]

Open Thread: sex as a commodity in Hollywood

A couple of weeks ago, DoctorScience said this in comments on Hollywood’s claims of “compassion” for Roman Polanski, but apparently not his victim: I think what Hollywood puts onscreen reflects their offscreen lives: a world where many (most?) of the women they know are trading sex for something: money, position, access. They’re living in a […]

Are conservatives and liberals really aligned on Polanski?

I recently pointed out a New York Times article that totally whitewashed the Polanski case as a simple case of underage sex. E.J. Graff agrees, and had this to say in the Boston Globe today: A New York Times story this week compared Polanski’s rape with the consensual (if discomfiting) cross-generational affair in Woody Allen’s […]

Polanski: it’s not just about age

God almighty, it’s been two weeks since Roman Polanski was arrested, and still we’re getting articles where even the title is a whitewash: In Polanski Case, ’70s Culture Collides With Today Manners, mores and law enforcement have become far less forgiving of sex crimes involving minors in the 31 years since Mr. Polanski was charged […]