The blockbuster mentality and the invisible audience

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Melissa Silverstein of Women And Hollywood recently wrote a piece for Women’s Media Center called Pondering the Chick Flick. It’s a great read that explores the history of the chick flick up to now, describes the frustrating dichotomy in which “chick flicks” often promote women filmmakers (yay!) while encouraging regressive sexist values (boo!), and suggests […]

Open Thread: George Lucas on Marion Ravenwood

Reader Theora notified us about something interesting recently. A transcript has been released of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark story conference among Lucas, Spielberg and Kasdan. Here’s a segment, which I’ve trimmed slightly for relevance to the kind of stuff we discuss here. G = George Lucas, S = Steven Spielberg, L = […]

In the (Entertainment) News – 12/9/08

Ah, once again I seem to have fallen into some vortex o’ doom somewhere. Between work and a shameful addiction to bad holiday movies (seriously, they’re almost all about “sad lonely women needs a man for Christmas” – that kind of bad), I’ve really not kept tabs on much lately. And let’s face it – […]

Sign the petition to get more Cagney & Lacey on DVD

It took producer Barney Rosenzweig years to convince MGM to release a single season of Cagney & Lacey. They said they would release additional seasons if this one did well, so they released it without any marketing (way to avoid additional work!). That was nearly two years ago. A few months ago, Yonmei at Feminist […]

In the (Entertainment) News – 9/5/08

Hello, everyone! It’s been quiet lately, or I’ve slept through any entertainment kerfuffles. I hesitate to bring this up for fear of launching a tug-of-war. Politics is not entertainment for me, but for many it’s something they can’t turn away from. Here in the States, the political arena is gearing up fast and furious. It’s […]

Generation M, and the lack of female film critics

I got a couple of seemingly unrelated emails recently. One alerted me to a trailer for Generation M, an upcoming documentary in which professor of philosophy Thomas Kieth explores how sexualized images of young women (teenagers in many cases) in pop culture have been rebranded as a form of feminism. Along the way, Generation M […]

In the (Entertainment) News – 8/15/08

Hello HL readers! I’m here to scour entertainment news on a somewhat regular basis. Not everything entertainment related has a feminist slant, so I can’t guarantee a weekly or even semi-monthly column. In other words, we’ll see how this goes. Let’s get started, shall we? About eight months ago, I brought up Jennifer Love Hewitt’s […]