Battle for Dream Island!!


My kids get almost all of their entertainment from the Internet — and it’s fun to see the variety of things they find!  Probably the most charming made-for-YouTube show they’ve discovered is Battle for Dream Island.  BfDI is a reality show (sort-of — it’s a cartoon) where twenty contestants have been competing for the past […]

Ruby and the Rockits — ABCFamily

Alexa Vega (Spy Kids 1, 2, 3) and two Cassidy brothers, David and Patrick, star in this new ABC Family sitcom that just started up in July. The premise of the show is that Ruby’s mother died when she was 12, and she was raised by her grandparents who “forgot she was there” and was […]

Really, It’s All About the Boys

The interminable Simpsons repeats on some of my local channels recently worked their way round to the one where Bart gets a vision of the future where he’s a dropout with a pretend band, and Lisa is President. Anyway, the US is in deep financial trouble and Lisa is having trouble placating the other countries […]

Justice League: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is easily the most recognized female superhero out there, and yet how many people can tell you anything about her except that she was protrayed by Lynda Carter in the 70s TV show? The producers of Justice League were clearly aware of this when initially developing the show, as Superman and Batman, the […]

Australian Gladiators

I watched the first episode of the remake of Gladiators, and the thing that struck me was how the female gladiators looked and acted. I’ve broken it down into three categories, appearance, attitude and names. This is the Australian version I’m critiquing, but I would love to hear how other versions compare. (And I recommend […]

Justice League: Introduction

Justice League – The Complete Series (Boxset) I recently re-watched the whole of Justice League (re-titled Justice League Unlimited for its last three seasons), and have come to an important conclusion: it is not just the best superhero show ever made, it is one of the best television series ever made. While it does feature […]

The (Bitter) Suite Life of Zack & Cody

I’ve done well steering clear of children’s programming, specifically anything produced by Disney. This weekend, though, I caught myself heading back to that channel for reasons I can’t really define as anything other than boredom. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is a show about twins who live in a hotel with their mother, […]