The Long Kiss Goodnight

starring Geena Davis, Samuel Jackson, Craig Bierko, Brian Cox, Yvonne Zima I love this movie. I know it got a bashing by the critics when it came out, and dissed completely; but I still love it. I also like movies like The Phantom, or The Shadow – Saturday morning serials made completely for the fun […]

Pirates III

I have a confession to make. I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End for Johnny Depp. Or maybe for Captain Jack Sparrow. Let’s face it, the man is a hunk and a phenomenal actor. (Warning: this post contains spoilers below the “more” link.) Ever since the credits rolled, though, I’ve been […]

A Couple of Things I Liked About Spider-Man 3

I just got back from seeing Spider-Man 3, and while I’d want to watch it a few times on DVD or whatever before writing any kind of full-on analysis, I’m going to share two little things that made a big difference for my enjoyment of the film. Spoilers ahead, naturally.  Come back later if you […]

…and 24 follows Casino Royale’s lead

(I apologize in advance for the heteronormativity of this post: the one demographic TV doesn’t seek to analyze is sexual orientation, and so I’ve written the post from a heteronormative standpoint because I’m attempting to analyze the thinking of a heteronormative industry.) From what I’m hearing and seeing on LiveJournals, Michael Shanks spent a significant […]

Casino Royale: The making of a new Bond?

Casino Royale is not your father’s Bond movie. Oh, no. First of all — Daniel. Craig. Naked. Oh, yes. An unnamed source claims it was done to win over the female audience. Does this… could it actually mean someone has realized we’ll go to see movies that give us what we want? In droves? And […]

Only the hard. Only the strong.

Warning: this post contains spoilers about the movie The 300. It doesn’t take a hard-core feminist to recognize that women are generally portrayed poorly (if at all) in each of comic books, war movies, and movies set in Ancient Greece/Rome. The fact that The 300 is all three of those things didn’t bode well for […]

As sick as I’ve ever seen

Amid all the stealth-misogyny and meta-messages that exist in film and TV today, it can sometimes feel almost like a relief to encounter something completely blatant. Almost. Until the nausea sets in. A few weeks ago, I saw a film called Beserker, about reborn Vikings in the modern era. There were two brothers, one a […]