Raiders of the Lost Woman

I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time in years the other night. And I realized: it’s where my lifelong issue with female portrayals in film and TV began. I was very young when it came out. All the kids were roleplaying Star Wars whenever we played, and I always took the […]

I am Jack’s Vagina: Marla Singer of Fight Club

I wrote a while back that the film Fight Club said quite a lot about gender, despite having only one female character. Today I’m going to write about that female character: Marla Singer. First, I need to note that in researching some critical takes on this movie, I discovered to my shock that it’s regarded […]

(un)Femininity in G.I. Jane

I wrote a version of this short essay for an English class last semester. I’ve revised it slightly and added a bit of material before posting it here. In a film that represents the clash between the masculine and the feminine as overtly as Ridley Scott’s G.I. Jane (1997), it is, of course, useful to […]