The sassy girl next door in Easy A

Easy A is a comedy about a teenage girl (Olive Penderghast) who lies to her best friend about having sex (because her friend wouldn’t stop hassling her) and becomes the school slut overnight, thanks to gossip travelling the social networking grapevine. She decides to have fun with her new notoriety and dress up as a […]

Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2, like its film and television predecessors, is problematic. On the one hand, you have a story that centers around four successful career women, all over forty, only one of whom – Kirsten Davis – possibly fits the incredibly narrow standards of beauty applied to women. And you have Samantha (Kim […]

Open Thread: Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum 2–Second attempt at writing this review. I thought it was funny, but I didn’t like it much. The main change in this sequel is there’s a female costar. Amy Adams plays an effervescent Amelia Earhart. I won’t quibble too much with the immense difference between this adventurous, bubbly character who doesn’t […]

A League of Their Own

I’ve lately been on a crusade to watch commercially successful films that broke the usual Hollywood rules against including women to any significant degree unless the movie is about shoe shopping and boys, boys, boys. One such classic is Penny Marshall’s 1992 hit, A League of Their Own. If you’re not familiar with it, Wikipedia […]

Something I like about Scrubs: Elliot and Molly’s buddy relationship

I recently talked about some ways in which Scrubs gets gender wrong, and now I want to talk about something I really liked on it, despite its being way too brief: the buddy relationship that developed between Elliot and Molly. TV and movies don’t feature nearly enough buddy relationships between women. There are a million […]


Hairspray is one of those movies that would have been really, really cool, if only it weren’t for that little itty bitty problem of a badly written character that grates on you every time you see them. The movie looks at issues of traditional beauty – specifically, white, slim, tall blond beauty while following short, […]

Return To Sender

I used to be quite a fan of Tom Hanks until I realised that, while his movies aren’t exactly misogynistic, they’re definitely about the average-looking guy saving the day in some humble way and winning the stunning girl in the process. Such is You’ve Got Mail. Hanks and Meg Ryan play Joe Fox and Kathleen […]