Quick Review: Dan in Real Life

I so rarely see movies in the theatre these days, it’s just that much more disappointing when I see one that has lots of potential, and then misses the mark so badly. Based on the ads and reviews for Dan in Real Life, I expected a smart, life-based movie, centred around a relationship, sure, and […]

View from the Top: The Power of Settling!

Donna Jensen is the main character in the movie View from the Top. Growing up in a dysfunctional family caused this small-town girl to want to see the world. As an adult, she brainstorms the idea that becoming a flight attendant will bring her dreams to fruition. Even with several obstacles in her path to […]

Please, Save Me From the Jerk

It was less than discriminating. But, in my defense, I’ve been sick. And I just wanted to rent something easy to take my mind off of it. So one of the movies I got was The Wedding Crashers. Fairly typical romantic comedy bullshit about a couple of hard-partying guys who find the right girls and […]

John Tucker Must Die

Okay, so it’s a teen movie. Set entirely in high school. You know the type. But it looked like it might be funny, and it was supposed to be about 3 girls who’ve been done dirty by the high school hunk and decide to turn the tables on him. Sounds like fun right? The movie […]

Coming to America

I hadn’t seen Coming to America for years, so when I saw it on last night as I was flipping around, I paused. I remember enjoying the movie, but I couldn’t recall why. (Part of it was my brother’s uncanny ability to say “That’s beautiful, what is that…velvet?” just exactly right.) What surprised me about […]

Transgender Benders

This is my first post on The Hathor Legacy, and I had originally intended to post under the book section. However, I just re-watched Transamerica (one of my students is using it for their research paper) and got to thinking. Transgender theory holds a special place in my heart. When I was an undergraduate, I […]

Muriel’s Wedding

There was an Australian movie, Muriel’s Wedding, which, incidentally, starred both Toni Collette and Rachel Griffith before they were famous. It features Muriel Heslop, a complete no-hoper trying desperately to compete with her beautiful, popular mates. They all come from an obscure NSW town no-one gives a crap about. Eventually, she meets up with Rhonda, […]