The Estrogen Made Me Do It

Just got home from watching John Tucker Must Die.   (Warning: Spoilers present.)   Basic premise – popular jock cheats on a whole bunch of girls.   Whole bunch of girls want revenge.   An amusing plot, certainly, but with one anecdote I was not at all pleased with. During a basketball game, one of […]

Obnoxious, Yet Refreshing

I watched the movie Who’s That Girl? over the weekend.   It’s been a couple years, but the film has always left warm fuzzies.   Partly, I think this is due to the refreshing main female character – Nikki.   Sure, she’s loud-mouthed, obnoxious, a liar, destructive, manipulative, and all sorts of other things.   […]

The Witch and the Wimp?

Remember Bewitched? The show about Samantha the witch and her mortal husband Darrin? He didn’t like her using her powers, but she did, anyway, and ended up solving more problems than she created. And through it all, there seemed to be a lot of love. I’ve been thinking about that show, now that there’s a […]