Woman vs. Man vs. Patriarchy in JFK

JFK is two stories: the story of the only case ever brought to trial relating to the JFK assassination, and the story of Jim Garrison, the New Orleans district attorney who brought it. There’s a tremendous controversy about Garrison’s version of events, which I’m not touching in this post. I will say, however, that I […]

A Sterotype of Titanic Proportions…

I rewatched Titanic recently, and realised just how much my romantic notions have developed, because once upon a time I considered this to be the epitome of romance, and now I’m walking away in disgust”¦ You have Rose (Kate Winslet) a beautiful young woman engaged to an absolute jerk Caledon (Billy Zane) for his money […]

Human Trafficking

Warning: possible rape triggers. Saw Human Trafficking recently, about the business of trafficking (mostly) young women to be used as sex slaves. It was intense, so I recommend you chase it up only if you have the stomach for such things, but there were several things I liked about it. Firstly, kudos to the producers […]


In this life you’ll meet a lot of jerks. If they hurt you, tell yourself that it’s their own stupidity that makes them act that way. That will keep you from responding to their meanness. There’s nothing worse in this world than bitterness and revenge. Hold your head up and stay true to yourself. Those […]

Grey Matters

I was amazed, astounded, and utterly delighted by this movie. I had to let it sit for a few days for my rapture to subside so I could think coherently and make sure I could write effectively about it…and it wasn’t even perfect. The movie revolves around three characters: Grey and Sam, a sister and […]

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

She threw a Bette Davis-sized temper-tantrum and is refusing to have anything to do with Hollywood until it can write a decent storyline for older woman. Rumour has is that the later characters of Joan Crawford and Katherine Hepburn have also joined in the picket line. I mean, what the hell happened to decently-written roles […]

Hysterical Blindness

includes massive SPOILERS for a 2002 movie, Hysterical Blindness. I just caught Hysterical Blindness (2002) on cable. It’s an HBO Films movie set in the ’80’s, featuring Deb (Uma Thurman) and Beth (Juliette Lewis) as two working class twenty-somethings trying to figure out how to get and keep men. What’s different about this movie from […]