Coyote Ugly

111Coyote Ugly is the quintessential Grrl Power movie about a sweet young girl who can’t find a job and make ends meet as a singer until she meets a woman who runs a bar that capitalizes on the male gaze by featuring slim, long glossy haired, mostly white (except for a white-featured black woman who […]

Here’s looking at you, kid

I have a major soft spot for old movies–something about the very theatrical acting style, the bare-bones sets and effects, and the way so much potentially “offensive” content had to be creatively implied and left to the viewer’s imagination. I love them despite the fact that female characters are often only slightly less interesting than […]

Some Lines Should Be Crossed

On the front cover of my Christmas gift DVD of Flatliners has the words: “Some lines shouldn’t be crossed.”   Apparently, they take this phrase to heart in not only the plot of coming back from the dead, but also with keeping gender expectations. Five pre-med doctors have their various reasons for collaborating to cause […]

Babel gives deeper understanding of how women are superfluous

I came across a really intriguing review of Babel at FeministFilm, which I’m quoting with permission: What a piece of crap that movie was. Morocco storyline: A prepubescent boy watches his sister undressing and later masturbates. Then that boy and his brother throw accusations at their sister, saying that she’s a slut, to divert attention […]

Silent Night

I did see one Christmas movie this year that wasn’t about a woman finding a much-needed boyfriend (though every commercial break contained ads for two other such movies: one actually called Boyfriend for Christmas, if I’m not mistaken – I do try to skip through those).   It starred Linda Hamilton as Elizabeth, a German […]

Let Liz Friedman write Cameron

Liz Friedman of Xena fame has written three episodes of House.   Last week’s was “Merry Little Christmas”, in which Cameron managed somehow to keep her mind on cases, visit House and tend a wound without making googly teenage crush eyes at him, and basically stay out of the story’s way. Before that was an […]

The Departed

The Departed is a Martin Scorcese film which follows the lives of half a dozen men who may or may not be undercover cops within crime syndicates and double-dealing cops answering to the crime bosses. The movie itself is fairly well done, with characters you couldn’t help relate to no matter how murky they got, […]