Girls and Horses

I walked through the break room/dining area at work yesterday and noted a section of the paper had been left wide open, as if someone in the building had seen something of note and wanted others to see it too. I don’t think that was actually the case – it was the movie review section, […]

Ice Princess

Anyone who’s read BetaCandy’s articles about Disney’s portrayal of women like this one already knows where I’m going with this. On Saturday, I caught a fluffy Disney movie called Ice Princess. The story’s about a  girl (really can’t remember her name) who’s so phenomenal at physics she could get a full scholarship to Harvard if […]

Somebody Save Me!

Pretty Woman is a pretty old movie, and I know that. It’s not a flick I have watched over and over again, but last night I caught the tail end of it and was appalled. I don’t have much to say, really, except my perceptions have  changed so much as I’ve matured. I remember watching […]


I caught a few minutes of an oldish movie called Loser (Jason Biggs, Mena Suvari) over the weekend. It’s not really my kind of movie, but I remember renting it a few years ago because the director is one of the few reknowned female directors out there: Amy Heckerling. It’s mostly a feelgood movie about […]

The Magdelene Sisters

A couple of years ago, I saw the brilliant movie The Magdalene Sisters, which looked at the portrayal of less-than-chaste women in that bastion of liberal values, Ireland in the 1960’s. The treatment of the women in the movie enraged me so much that I spew over it to this day. The movie centres around […]

Real Women Have Ambition

I’ve just watched a few scenes from Real Women Have Curves.   From the title and marketing, it’s about normal healthy-sized women accepting their inner beauty, which is a great message.   It’s also about a Latino girl (Ana) coming of age and having to choose between her scholarship to Columbia and letting her mother […]