I recently saw the Australian horror movie Rogue which was promoted as ‘Jaws with a crocodile’ but was surprisingly better than the second-rate rip-off I expected. It was quite creepy in parts, but largely, I was disappointed with the main female role. Said female is Kate (Rhada Mitchell). She runs crocodile tours in the tidal […]

Infidelity is OK, Pt II: Swimfan

In 2002, Fatal Attraction was loosely remade into Swimfan. The cheating husband, Dan, becomes devoted boyfriend Ben, to girlfriend Amy (reincarnated from Dan’s wife Beth.) The woman – although more of a girl – he cheated with becomes Madison (Erika Christensen), the new girl in town. Initially, I thought this movie was the better of […]

The Ring

When seeing horror movies, I’m usually the one sitting in the back who’s been coerced by her mates to come, giving a running commentary about how lame this movie is. And here some random female gets slashed up; here the heroine finally realises who the killer is, even though the rest of us worked it […]

The Fly

Saw The Fly recently, and was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly strong female character in a horror flick. The film revolves around Seth (Jeff Goldblum), a scientist who is working on teleportation. He becomes involved with Ronnie (Geena Davis) a journalist who initially is out to report his findings, then agrees to document him […]

Dolores Claiborne: recovery

Spoilers below. Triggers: child molestation. Surprisingly, Selena St. George may be the least sympathetic female character in Dolores Claiborne even though she’s the victim upon whom the story’s events center. Fictional female abuse victims written by people who either don’t have a clue what abuse is like or think the audience wants it sugar-coated tend […]

Dolores Claiborne: entitlement

Spoilers below. While Dolores has an understandable reason for killing her husband, Vera Donovan is a different story. She killed her husband because he regularly committed adultery and ignored Vera completely when she tried her utmost to win his affection through displays of niceness she reserved for him alone. My first reaction is to think […]