Dolores Claiborne (first post in series)

“Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold onto.”– said with slight variations by Dolores, Selena and Vera. Dolores Claiborne is Taylor Hackford’s faithful adaptation of a Stephen King novel about a woman who may have murdered her husband and gotten away with it. That summary hardly touches this complex story, though. […]

28 Days Later…

**MAJOR spoilers, horror film gore, and discussion of rape behind the jump** 28 Days Later is usually classified as a zombie film despite having only minor commonalities with the traditional movie zombies. The movie shows the destruction of most of the UK population after a rescue attempt on an animal research facility releases chimpanzees that […]


I quite liked the first two Saw movies. The first once follows cops on the hunt for a serial killer, Jigsaw, aka John, who’s not exactly a serial killer because his victims are responsible for their own deaths – he kidnaps healthy people with a lot to live for but indulge in destructive behaviour and […]