Dirty Redskin Devils

Not pictured: shoes.

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to Disney. I think it would be difficult to have been a child of my generation and not been, considering I spent all of my pre-adolescent years in the company’s “Renaissance” period. For every year of my childhood, from my toddler years well into my early […]

Despicable Me(ovie)

One of the more popular movies out right now (it’s the summer of 2010, July) is Despicable Me. Spoilers coming up in the article and no doubtedly in the comments (if there are any). So, you have your warning. Despicable Me is about a Villian in an alternate CGI world. Unfortunately, he’s being one-upped by […]

Those Fantastic Incredibles!


I don’t know how I missed seeing The Incredibles earlier, but it is now my all-time favorite Pixar film. Overall, it is a clever, imaginative, and fun take on the super-hero genre. On top of that, it really shines when it comes to the female characters. First of all, let me introduce one of my […]

Up – by Pixar–SPOILERS and a small rant

Up was a heckuva lot of fun. It did get a little toothgrinding, though, that Ellie, Carl’s wife, ended up dying before she could have HER adventure, and it was a little too pat that, once he actually looked through her adventure book, he discovered all the pictures she of the two of them together […]

Review– Coraline (the movie)

Coraline is 140 minutes of brilliance. SPOILERS a-hoy! Do not read further if you do not want to be spoiled! You have been WARNED! Assuming you haven’t read the book, know that the movie is faithful to the feel, spirit and mood of Neil Gaiman’s novella. Aside from the masterful animation and color palate and […]

City of Ember: Worth Watching

I saw City of Ember tonight and really enjoyed it. It’s not the most fantastic film I’ve seen recently, but it’s got a good, solid adventure story, some really engaging characters and gorgeous visual design. It also has a few excellent things I’m not used to seeing in sci-fantasy films generally, or in films targeted […]

Wall-E was completely and totally made of win.

Oh, Wall-E. Oh, Wall-E. Pixar’s latest release is a return to the level of environmentally conscious awesome I haven’t seen in animated films since Ferngully or the Pirates of Dark Water.* Basically, the film describes a world where trash has overwhelmed the Earth. Humanity (or at least those who can afford it) flee a planet […]