Bratz Move to the Big Screen

I remember reading a shopping guide/gift suggestion blogĀ online this past Christmas, because I needed to buy a gift for an 8-year-old girl (a generic gift, to help those families unable to provide). The woman recommended a Bratz Doll for this age bracket, because they are affordable toys and a Bratz Doll was what “every little […]

Jungle Book II: the story of how a female character is softened

from the “deleted scenes” bonus material of Jungle Book II, with Sharon Morrill, Executive Vice President, and Matt Walker, Senior Vice President of Music. Matt: What you’re hearing fading out is the song “I’ve Got You Beat,” which was written for the movie Jungle Book II. Sharon: But this song never made it into the […]

Girls Will Be Girls

As a kid, I absolutely hated the “Dennis the Menace” portrait of childhood. I’m sorry to single out Dennis here since he’s not the only one, but that comic symbolized for me the story of childhood that didn’t reflect my experience and that I didn’t want to have imposed on me: the boy is fun […]