Quick Thoughts on Thor

I just got back from seeing Thor in 3D, and I have many thoughts. Only a few of them are fully-formed enough to share right now, but maybe I’ll be able to go into more depth later. In the meantime‚Ķ One, why did I think it would be awesome if there were more 3D movies? […]

Reaction: Supernatural (6×18)

Hi, THL readers. Yes, I’m back again. I’ve been thinking of dropping NCIS, but I’m keeping SPN. I’d also like to do Fringe, but I can’t watch both at the same time. If I do do Fringe, perhaps I’ll wait until next season – and then it’ll have to be a day late. Hmmm. Anyway, […]

The Last Racebender

I’ve linked to Racebending before, in my, uh, only other article up so far, referencing how rarely Native actors portray themselves in popular media, and how that widens the disparity between the mass-consumed pop-cultural “knowledge” and appropriation of Native peoples and their history versus the realities of those peoples, cultures, history, and, often, awareness of […]

The warrior women of Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth installment of the Resident Evil franchise. I haven’t seen the first three so I can’t comment on them, but the fourth one is basically a video game, only it’s a movie. Lots of action, not exactly deep. At this point it has been four years since the Umbrella Corporation […]

Inception, or, Leo angsts about family and chicks.

Visually, Inception was spectacular. I want to say that straight out. In terms of plot? It is all right — the twist at the end’s predictable if you’re at all into SF, but it’s still a satisfying conclusion, and offers enough brain-teasers and world-building to satisfy my nerdy sweet-tooth. I’ll do my best to limit […]

Alice in Wonderland


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCM4JiJ6B2I I really loved this movie. I just tried to persuade my housemate to go see it with me — this would be my second time, and her first. Basically, Alice is nearing 20 and is going to what’s secretly an engagement party to the somewhat annoying young Lord Hamish. As she’s wandering the grounds, […]