Fire Study — Maria V. Snyder

Fire Study was a somewhat unmemorable conclusion to an otherwise strong trilogy. In it, we’re once again trying to negotiate peace between Ixia and Sitia. Yelena is also trying to get comfortable with her role as a Soulfinder, figure out a way to be with Valek, and reconcile a series of dual obligations related to […]

Watchmen: The Silk Spectre (Major Spoilers)

The main female character in Watchmen is Laurie Jupiter,* the second Silk Spectre. Her mother Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre, was one of the first generation of costumed heroes. While Watchmen‘s other “legacy hero,” Nite Owl, was inspired to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps, Laurie was pushed onto her path by her domineering mother. […]

The Dark Knight: Argh! (Major Spoilers)

In most ways, The Dark Knight is a truly spectacular film. It is certainly the best Batman film ever made (better even than the animated Mask of the Phantasm), and one of the best superhero movies ever made. Almost every character in the film has great characterization and development. But on the female characters, it […]


I was given the first season of British TV series Hex for my birthday, and three episodes in, I’m unimpressed. What’s largely got my back up is the excessive use of unrequited love between a lesbian Thelma and her best female mate, Cassie. Cassie doesn’t return Thelma’s feelings, and there’s a bit of interpretation as […]

Beowulf: Better Than I Believed it’d Be

I went and saw Beowulf today (in 3D, zomg! More movies should jump out of the screen at you and try to poke you in the face, for serious). Now, here’s the thing – I am a big fan of the poem. I am of Scandinavian descent myself (though the poem itself is not, the […]

A Quest of One’s Own

I love me some classic fantasy narratives, especially that old standby, the quest story. I love doomed journeys and mistaken identities and coming-of-age moments, and questing tales are stuffed with them. When I saw the previews for Stardust, I almost drooled. And the movie itself, a quest story if ever there was one, didn’t disappoint […]

Rise of the Silver Surfer – Not so Fantastic

When I saw the first Fantastic Four movie in the theater, I wasn’t impressed.  The story and acting struck me as merely so-so, and the special effects, while cool, weren’t enough to carry the rest.  But I’ve got an embarrassingly large crush on Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic), and when I had the […]