Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Keiko’s Career

This is the third in a (sporadically updating) series of articles, following “Jadzia’s Gender,” and “Leeta’s Love Life.” Miles and Keiko O’Brien are right up there near the top of my List of Favorite Sci-Fi Married Couples, and have been for ages. I think the actors who portray the two characters – Colm Meaney and […]

Mysterious Ways

Disclaimer: this is my opinion, and it’s based on the first two movies and nothing else of the X-Men franchise. It’s a subplot that annoyed me, and I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge I may be reading too much into things. I’d love to see how other people read this, but once again, this is MY […]

Aeon Flux, Sans the Snark.

After finishing the ten-episode stint of Aeon Flux’s animated cartoon, the biggest thing I noted was how the most loved part of Aeon’s personality was drowned out on the Hollywood screen.     Her snark.   Her arrogant, casual, sassy persona was suddenly soggy once the animation turned to real life cameras.     The […]

Chick Fight!

Warning: Spoilers abound. After watching X-Men: The Last Stand and Aeon Flux in the same weekend, I’ve come to an observation that has been touched on before with a couple of my friends, but it became very clear after seeing these films. That would be Hollywood’s obsession with badass chicks only getting to have a […]


I finally got around to watching Underworld recently after a recommendation from Graculus at the forum, and now I’m finally getting around to making some notes about it. Whatever you think of this movie on the whole – and opinions do seem to span the range from “It’s quite underrated” to “I projectile vomited” – […]

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman

Can’t for the life of me find it, but I read an interview with Michelle Pfeiffer years ago in a magazine, and when the interviewer asked her how she felt about her Oscar nominations, she said she’d have preferred to get them for Batman Returns. The interviewer assumed she was joking at first – Oscars […]